Good luck to you!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our helper left yesterday. No need for huhuhuhu though. Some might even say good riddance but I just say "Good luck to you!"

Because of that, hubby decided to have food delivered from Chowking! Yummm... See good things do come out of bad situations. Oh how I missed you Chowking! I know I may cook better (lol) but sometimes we need a little kick from fast food chains.

^^Tender Beef Broccoli

^^Orange Chicken

^^Yang Chow Fried Rice

Love, love, love it! Littly Missy ate most of the Broccoli and Carrots, and some rice. Now time to rest and move around. We need to burn off these oils!

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At the end of the birth-day

Monday, September 27, 2010

So we had our trip to the zoo on her birthday. Of course we couldn't let the day end without her blowing some candles, right? A child has to do what a child has to do. So... Daddy had a cake delivered!

Because he knew she absolutely loved chocolates, he chose the Red Ribbon Chocolate Heaven Cake. I love chocolate too so let's see how it fares.

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Birthday trip to the Zoo

Sunday, September 26, 2010

(FYI: Slideshow below)
We decided to surprise Little Missy on her birthday by going on her first ever trip to the zoo. She had received a free day pass as a complimentary gift from an Easter event we attended months ago. When we got to the Ark Avilon Zoo in Pasig, we saw that children's fees were at Php200 ($5USD) and adults were charged at Php350 ($9USD). We decided to buy her a ticket and use the free pass for an adult ;) We saved Php150, hehe.

The Zoo itself was clean and well-maintained. I was so ready to see a lot of mess, I had wipes and bottleS of ethyl alcohol ready, but was surprised that it was okay. Not one of those reported to have umm... unwanted objects everywhere. The staff who were in charge of the domesticated/trained animals too were very courteous. If you look at the animals close enough, they would tell you if you can or can't touch it (like the eagles and bearcat).

The only drawback for me was visiting on a Friday. There were 8 buses of students on a field trip. I guess I should have expected that. Fridays were usually when kids had their P.E. (Phys. Ed.) classes and they come to school in jogging pants - very convenient if you're having a field trip. But all in all, it was a great experience.

As soon as we went in, even before buying the tickets, I think she loved it already! We weren't technically inside yet but she was running and wailing all over the place. The entrance had these garden sticks with animals at the top and she played with all of them (see in slideshow below). There were also a rabbit and a guinea pig pen and since she's familiar with them (Rabbit from her Peter Cottontail book, and Peanut the guinea pig from a DVD), she kept shouting "Hop! Hop! Hop!" and started calling the guinea pigs Peanut.

Here's a slideshow of our day. Just click on the X near the right-hand bottom to close the ad and mouse over the picture to stop and view the description.

It was indeed a happy, happy birthday! We love you soooooooooo much!

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When will it be over?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hubby took a leave off work yesterday so we can spend time with our Little Missy on her birthday. We decided to take her to the zoo since she has a complimentary pass from an easter event we attended months back. (Another post on that later after I upload the pics)

Before we headed off to the zoo, we dropped by my mom's house to see if she wanted to come, but instead, she reminded us to take care driving. Why? Last Wednesday, my brother was in excruciating pain. He's not one to just complain, he had very high tolerance when it comes to pain. After hours of trying not to make it a big deal and a lot of bending, crying and rolling on the bed and floor, early Thursday morning he told my mom he couldn't take it anymore. He begged to be taken to the hospital. Since my mom had no car, she asked if they could borrow hubby's car, and that it would be driven by my brother-in-law who lives with them so hubby wouldn't be troubled and get enough rest for work. Hubby said yes and they picked up the car.

To cut the long story short, my brother stayed in the ER for 4 hours but he's responding to medications and the car was returned in good condition. The thing is, when we passed by my mom's house yesterday, she specifically said for us to drive safely because she was concerned about a couple of things she heard coming from the car the day they borrowed it.

Come on, we just had the car repaired! It was last month when hubby took it to an auto repair shop and he spent about a couple of hundred dollars! They even kept the car in the shop for 3 days because they said they made sure they checked everything. Hubby was there when they started looking at the gauges to check engine light, fuel and oil gauges, etc. But since they said it would take long to check everything else, hubby agreed to leave the car with them to make sure they checked everything.

They ended up replacing a lot of parts that racked up our bill in the end. So I was surprised when my mom said she still heard a lot of things that would seem something was wrong. I admit, our car isn't new, it's been in service for 17 years! It isn't even manufactured now. But since we love how it has been with us all these years, and how minimal repairs were done early on, we're thinking of getting another one just like it. It doesn't go by the same name now. The manufacturer now calls it's model type a Toyota Camry, that's what they replaced the Toyota Corona EX Saloon with. Hopefully, by next year, we get to have it already, that way, hubby's car of 17 years will enjoy it's well-deserved vacation. Nope, we won't get rid of it, we actually plan to restore it, at its finest, because we value our Queenie (it is a Corona so thus the name) so much.

I just hope that while we're saving up, all these repairs will be over. Just hang in there Queenie, just a little more please.

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Countdown to 2

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In 3 days, at exactly 6:36pm, my little girl will be 2 years old.

I still remember years ago, when we had a hard time conceiving. We tried a lot of different things just to have a child, and when we gave up, God gave us His precious gift. This is when I really felt in my heart that he chose the right time.

The very first thing we decided to buy was her playard. Although I knew she would be a girl, I still wanted something neutral so we opted for something in denim and brown. I love it as soon as I saw it. Then the salesperson said they had a bassinet stroller of the same color, plus an attachment for a car seat. We thought about it for days but had it reserved. It broke our wallet but it was worth it. We used the detachable bassinet until she was comfortable lifting her head, the carseat doubled as her high chair and the stroller, we still use until now.

This was the most memorable "shopping spree" I had before having a baby. All I felt was contentment, excitement and anticipation. But months after she was born, the same stroller was used to wheel her into her Pediatrician's office. It was for her ear piercing.

A lot of people told me to not have her ears pierced, to just let her decide when she comes of age. Personally, I would have liked that. But as someone who had her ears pierced as a baby, I had second thoughts. I can't thank my parents enough for having my ears pierced when I was only months old. It probably really hurt, but I was too young to remember so I have never been traumatized by needles. This was what led me to decide to have her ears pierced at 5 months. She actually took it pretty well. She just cried when the doctor held her lobes but when he let go, she only cried for a couple of seconds.

Sadly, those earrings got lost when she was about 14 months old. We had to buy her another set but that didn't go too well. We thought she could handle the regular ones but the ends were too sharp and she kept scratching. To this day, she still wears those baby screw back earrings type. Come to think of it, I should buy her a new one... as a birthday gift.

But, she has more on her mind nowadays than earrings. She has been particularly fond of animals, especially monkeys. I guess it might be because of her Curious George books. She just loves him! It's actually why we've been buying her monkey baby clothes since before she turned 1. And, as a treat to her, we might take her to the zoo on Friday. We thought it's high time for her to see a real monkey. I really hope our trip to the zoo pushes through. If it does, I'll let you know what happens to her... and the monkeys.

Oh well... thanks so much for reading. Thanks for sharing with me my fondest memories of her "baby-hood". Once she turns 2, I'm pretty sure time will fly even faster... and yes, I know about the Terrible Two stage. I say, bring it on!

Any tips for me on how to handle a possible terrible two?

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Wishing you love forever

Monday, September 20, 2010

Last Saturday, we attended a wedding. The groom, Will, is a friend of 5 years, but one that I've never met. He's from Canada and I met him online through chat.

I was so elated to know that he finally found the perfect woman in Myla (a beautiful, wonderful, generous Filipina) last year and that they got married in Canada last December. Since they still wanted to celebrate their love here in the Philippines, they again planned for another wedding.

Since his parents couldn't come, another friend from chat stood as his acting parents. Like Will, I also met Sue, from Australia, in the same chatroom. Since then, all three of us have been chatting on and off. I was so glad that they came over to the Philippines. I finally met 2 of my closest online friends.

Anyhow, the wedding was beautiful. During the ceremony, I felt... the love. One can see the love between Will and Myla, literally. The air was fresh, amidst the heat and humidity, because it seemed like it was just the 2 of them. Although there were bridesmaids, photographers, the pastor, etc., they only had eyes for each other and whatever it was that was left unsaid, we understood by how they looked at each other. Their smiles were heartfelt, their eyes twinkling the whole time. They just seemed so happy, so in love.

Will and Mai, I wish you all the happiness and love in the world. May you continue to stay in love, forever and ever. I know you can't live with love alone, but with love, you make each other stronger to live through everything that life throws at you.

... and Will, I appreciate you saying, during the photo op, that your family, means my family (which is why you had my hubby and little girl called). I know you know by now how family means so much to as Fils, so I sincerely appreciate the gesture.

To Ross and Sue, I meant what I said that your marriage is something to be envied. I will forever remember you two. I will forever hope that my marriage will be as happy as yours. Thank you for showing me that smiling hearts and twinkling eyes are not only for the day of the wedding.. but until forever after. P.S. Sue, my little girl demands her own bouquet! She's been asking since that night lol :P

Thanks so much for reading. Stay in love everyone and have a great week!

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Is typing like riding a bicycle?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I sent a private message to one of the "gurus" in the blogging world and asked, well... more about blogging. She gave me a link to her site that I could read through and guess what I found? This...

86 words

Typing Test

I remember when I was at work and my station used to be near the recruitment area. I'd see the new applicants literally shake because they failed the typing test. The common reason? It's because they take the time to hit the backspace and do everything over again. I try to whisper, as quietly as I could for them not to hit backspace and just keep going. This seems to help them in their second try, then pass on their third.

Makes me think about going to work again... but no. I'm still loving it at home. I still do some work, thanks to hubby who throws some to my plate, but all in all... being with my little missy is absolute heaven.

Thanks Ms. Pehpot for the linky.

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It's a good day!

I love today! Four good things came out of it.

It all started around midnight. Hubby got a text that they got another go-ahead for another project! He's been working so hard lately, it's like he's actually working round the clock. I'm just so happy that he's seeing results, and fast too. I can't discuss this more in detail because it's his business (lol) but I assure you, we're all very, very happy.

I got an email first thing in the morning that my sponsor is still willing to have me do a review and giveaway on my blog. It will be my first and I'm so excited. I just need to finalize the mechanics and post it up real soon!

So by now everyone knows I just bought this domain almost two weeks ago. Even though I knew changing domains would mean that my Google Page Rank will change from 2 all the way back to N/A, I still check every so often. When I checked earlier today, I was surprised to see that now had a PR of 0 (zero). Even my other newly bought domain, also had a PR of 0. Yay!! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who modified my links.

I'm starting to love contests and I chanced upon this Dengue War Contest in Facebook by As a Dengue "survivor", I was excited to join. All I had to do was to post my best tip to avoid Dengue.

This tip won it for me:

I had dengue 17 years ago and will never wish it on my enemy and especially on my almost 2-year old daughter.

My dengue war tip: Aside from the usual remove stagnant water in your area and wear/use mosquito repellent products or those with citronella and neet, be a CLEANLINESS ADVOCATE. Even if you clean out and disinfect your entire house, if others don't follow, you can still be bitten by mosquitoes from THEIR area. I acquired DENGUE in school and felt that all of us students were helpless since it wasn't our property. But advocating cleanliness raises awareness. If we ALL work together, we can get rid of not just dengue mosquitoes but all bacteria-infested insects permanently. Dengue strikes from 11am to 6pm. If our children aren't home, then let's make the other places they are in safe for them too.

They will be sending me a pack of organic mosquito repellent patches + 1 rescue stick by Mommy Patch. Thanks so much Diarito! You don't know how much those prizes mean to me. A child's safety always comes first so this is definitely a great win!

Thank you Lord for all these blessings. I know I have my shortcomings but still, you never give up on me.

How about you, how is your week going? In spirit, I'm sharing my blessings with all of you. Thanks for reading and happy hump day :) Only 2 more days to go 'til TGIF! Registered & Protected

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My trip to the ER

Monday, September 13, 2010

I finally agreed for hubby to take me to the ER yesterday afternoon. I've been running low grade fever for 3 days and pains everywhere. I finally decided to give in just to be on the safe side.

I was considering two things, first, that it was leading up to Dengue (yes, my paranoia has set in because I was feeling the same things I felt 17 years ago when that darn mosquito bit me and hospitalized me for a month!) OR it was a relapse of my UTI.

When the triage nurse checked me, he asked if I would agree to a CBC test so he can make a request for it already (I guess since there were a lot of people in queue for blood testing). I agreed and also asked if he can request for urinalysis too since it might be that too and he agreed. When the doctor came and checked on me, she did say it might be a recurrence of the UTI rather than Dengue since my fever were low grade, but she will have me tested for the Dengue antigen nonetheless.

After 2 hours of waiting, I finally got my result. I know I should have blown my head off, 2 hours of waiting!!! But I didn't. Why?? It's because of the second part of my story.

They said the test results would normally come back after an hour... but when the hour came, I started pacing the floor. This was when I realized the never ending stream of patients coming in. What broke my heart is that 1 out of 3 patients is a child. Basing from what I overhear from the nurses, most of them were being tested for Dengue. Most children had fever running from 38.5C to 39.2C. Some of the children who were subjected to tourniquet had rashes all over their arms and faces.

This was the Dengue outbreak I hear on the news... in the flesh, and it's affecting mostly children! I hate mosquitoes even more now! I forgot all about my test results and just wished that these kids got their test results so they could be given the proper medications. I know what they will go through, I've been there and it almost cost me my life... but I was 17. I had an advantage over them. These kids were between 2-8 and a couple in their early teens.

Please help me pray for their safety. They're just kids. I don't know any of them personally, but as I said, I wouldn't wish Dengue even on my enemy.

Thanks for reading. Please be safe and I hope you have a great weekend.

Oh, and my test results were negative for Dengue. It was a relapse of my UTI. The doctor who checked me 3 weeks ago never told me I had to have another Urinalysis done after the treatment to make sure the antibiotics killed the infection. Apparently, it didn't thus the relapse.

Happy Monday! Registered & Protected

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Are you a Bedtime Believer?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am a firm believer in Johnson's Baby products. My mom used the powder/lotion/wash/oil when we were kids and my sister (with 3 children) and I are doing the same to our children.

Do you know about their new line? I am a Bedtime Believer and if you are too, or know of what it's about, why don't you take this survey? Just click on the image ABOVE.

The first 100 respondents will get a token of appreciation just for answering. Tokens can be claimed starting the week of September 27. Valid in the Philippines.

What are you waiting for? Take the survey and receive a free gift... if you're one of first 100 :D
You can also post in the comments section below to let us know if we've reached 100. The link will automatically deactivate once the 100 quota has been reached.

Thanks and have a great (long) weekend! Registered & Protected

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Happy birthday Tatang!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today is Mama Mary's birthday. It's also my father's birthday... he would have been 67 today.

My mom called late in the afternoon to remind me to eat pancit (noodles). It is kind of customary to eat noodles when someone is celebrating her/his birthday as a sign of wishing for long life. I guess you can imagine how our convo went.

Me: Yes, Ma?
Mom: I was wondering why you haven't called all day. Anything wrong there?
Me: No, Ma. We're good. Just sleeping in most of the day because it's such a lazy afternoon.
Mom: Did you and the little girl eat pancit already?
Me: Pancit? What for Ma?
Mom: It's Tatang's birthday, remember?
Me: Yes of course I remember, but Mom, long life... when he's gone????
Mom: It doesn't matter. Just eat pancit. (super serious tone in her voice)
Me: Okay Mom, I'll have Gie buy instant pancit from the store.
Mom: Good. Okay, talk to you later, bye.
Love you Mom!
Happy 67th Birthday Tatang!
I wish you long life... by God's side. I love and miss you so much. Registered & Protected

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Happy birthday Lacy!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A very dear friend is celebrating her sweet 16th (lol) birthday today.

I met Lacy online through a (supposedly) baby/kid-oriented site. We've been friends for almost a year and a half now, and although both of us are no longer members of that site, we still keep in touch almost every day through FB though.

Hey Lace, I know you drop by my blog often to make me moolah... so I know you'll see this.

oops sorry, that's your impostor ^^^^

here you go...

Easy on the drink Momma :)

Happy, happy, happy birthday!

We love you so much and from the bottom of MY heart, thank you for everything. (I wish it would make you cry, but I know it'll take more than that lololol) Registered & Protected

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A question about Anniversaries

Monday, September 6, 2010

My Mama and Tatang (mother and father) would've been married today for 35 years... that is if he were still alive. It makes me think though - Should anniversaries still be celebrated or should you at least greet the surviving spouse if the other has passed on?

My mom thinks so. Her way of thinking is that, this is still a special day for her. She was married to a wonderful man on this day years ago and she will always have wonderful memories between her and my father.

I think it's really, really sweet of her to think of it that way. Thank you Lord for giving me such perfect parents.

Happy Anniversary, Tatang and Mama. I will always love you soooooooooooooooooooooo much. Registered & Protected

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Dear blog, I'm sorry.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Yeah I know I've been slacking. The month of August has been good in most ways but so busy and complicated nonetheless. A letter to my blog...

Dear blog,

I am so sorry to have forgotten about you for the past month. I know you know that things have been really crazy. It was good though that there were more ups than downs, but still, I should have paid more attention to you. I am sorry.

To make up for my slack, I hope you appreciate that I've finally bought you your own home. You will now have your own address, you are now Blogspot has been good to us both, but we have to move on. Two of your sisters are still with Blogspot (My Game of Chance and SAHMmy to WAHMmy) but like you, My Tummy Calls also has a home to call her own now.

Don't worry, you have not completely abandoned Blogspot yet, we are still tenants so far. But once we learn how to do all these things, and explore what's available for us, I will get you that platform you deserve.

Again, my sincerest apologies, and I will try to make time for you and/or your sisters everyday. I will try to sneak a peek, even just to say Hello. Thank you for your understanding.

Momsy Katsy Registered & Protected

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