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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hubby took a leave off work yesterday so we can spend time with our Little Missy on her birthday. We decided to take her to the zoo since she has a complimentary pass from an easter event we attended months back. (Another post on that later after I upload the pics)

Before we headed off to the zoo, we dropped by my mom's house to see if she wanted to come, but instead, she reminded us to take care driving. Why? Last Wednesday, my brother was in excruciating pain. He's not one to just complain, he had very high tolerance when it comes to pain. After hours of trying not to make it a big deal and a lot of bending, crying and rolling on the bed and floor, early Thursday morning he told my mom he couldn't take it anymore. He begged to be taken to the hospital. Since my mom had no car, she asked if they could borrow hubby's car, and that it would be driven by my brother-in-law who lives with them so hubby wouldn't be troubled and get enough rest for work. Hubby said yes and they picked up the car.

To cut the long story short, my brother stayed in the ER for 4 hours but he's responding to medications and the car was returned in good condition. The thing is, when we passed by my mom's house yesterday, she specifically said for us to drive safely because she was concerned about a couple of things she heard coming from the car the day they borrowed it.

Come on, we just had the car repaired! It was last month when hubby took it to an auto repair shop and he spent about a couple of hundred dollars! They even kept the car in the shop for 3 days because they said they made sure they checked everything. Hubby was there when they started looking at the gauges to check engine light, fuel and oil gauges, etc. But since they said it would take long to check everything else, hubby agreed to leave the car with them to make sure they checked everything.

They ended up replacing a lot of parts that racked up our bill in the end. So I was surprised when my mom said she still heard a lot of things that would seem something was wrong. I admit, our car isn't new, it's been in service for 17 years! It isn't even manufactured now. But since we love how it has been with us all these years, and how minimal repairs were done early on, we're thinking of getting another one just like it. It doesn't go by the same name now. The manufacturer now calls it's model type a Toyota Camry, that's what they replaced the Toyota Corona EX Saloon with. Hopefully, by next year, we get to have it already, that way, hubby's car of 17 years will enjoy it's well-deserved vacation. Nope, we won't get rid of it, we actually plan to restore it, at its finest, because we value our Queenie (it is a Corona so thus the name) so much.

I just hope that while we're saving up, all these repairs will be over. Just hang in there Queenie, just a little more please.

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