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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I love today! Four good things came out of it.

It all started around midnight. Hubby got a text that they got another go-ahead for another project! He's been working so hard lately, it's like he's actually working round the clock. I'm just so happy that he's seeing results, and fast too. I can't discuss this more in detail because it's his business (lol) but I assure you, we're all very, very happy.

I got an email first thing in the morning that my sponsor is still willing to have me do a review and giveaway on my blog. It will be my first and I'm so excited. I just need to finalize the mechanics and post it up real soon!

So by now everyone knows I just bought this domain almost two weeks ago. Even though I knew changing domains would mean that my Google Page Rank will change from 2 all the way back to N/A, I still check every so often. When I checked earlier today, I was surprised to see that now had a PR of 0 (zero). Even my other newly bought domain, also had a PR of 0. Yay!! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who modified my links.

I'm starting to love contests and I chanced upon this Dengue War Contest in Facebook by As a Dengue "survivor", I was excited to join. All I had to do was to post my best tip to avoid Dengue.

This tip won it for me:

I had dengue 17 years ago and will never wish it on my enemy and especially on my almost 2-year old daughter.

My dengue war tip: Aside from the usual remove stagnant water in your area and wear/use mosquito repellent products or those with citronella and neet, be a CLEANLINESS ADVOCATE. Even if you clean out and disinfect your entire house, if others don't follow, you can still be bitten by mosquitoes from THEIR area. I acquired DENGUE in school and felt that all of us students were helpless since it wasn't our property. But advocating cleanliness raises awareness. If we ALL work together, we can get rid of not just dengue mosquitoes but all bacteria-infested insects permanently. Dengue strikes from 11am to 6pm. If our children aren't home, then let's make the other places they are in safe for them too.

They will be sending me a pack of organic mosquito repellent patches + 1 rescue stick by Mommy Patch. Thanks so much Diarito! You don't know how much those prizes mean to me. A child's safety always comes first so this is definitely a great win!

Thank you Lord for all these blessings. I know I have my shortcomings but still, you never give up on me.

How about you, how is your week going? In spirit, I'm sharing my blessings with all of you. Thanks for reading and happy hump day :) Only 2 more days to go 'til TGIF! Registered & Protected

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