Happy birthday Tatang!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today is Mama Mary's birthday. It's also my father's birthday... he would have been 67 today.

My mom called late in the afternoon to remind me to eat pancit (noodles). It is kind of customary to eat noodles when someone is celebrating her/his birthday as a sign of wishing for long life. I guess you can imagine how our convo went.

Me: Yes, Ma?
Mom: I was wondering why you haven't called all day. Anything wrong there?
Me: No, Ma. We're good. Just sleeping in most of the day because it's such a lazy afternoon.
Mom: Did you and the little girl eat pancit already?
Me: Pancit? What for Ma?
Mom: It's Tatang's birthday, remember?
Me: Yes of course I remember, but Mom, long life... when he's gone????
Mom: It doesn't matter. Just eat pancit. (super serious tone in her voice)
Me: Okay Mom, I'll have Gie buy instant pancit from the store.
Mom: Good. Okay, talk to you later, bye.
Love you Mom!
Happy 67th Birthday Tatang!
I wish you long life... by God's side. I love and miss you so much.
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