Here comes the rain!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

So I blogged about loving the weather yesterday and I was anticipating the rain on Friday. Lucky me, the rain came today... it's raining hard!

I know I'm supposed to hate the rain because of what it brings, like power being cut (again for 2 days), or heavy traffic for hubby when he comes home among others but still, I'm happy. When it rains, it's more comfy at home and I'm loving the extra cuddle and snuggle I get from my little missy.

Good thing we didn't set up or imaginary camping equipment today. It would have been such a disaster camping outside the house and then hard rain coming down on us fast. I don't even think there was a drizzle right before the rain came. But the real lucky one was my mom. She lives like 20 minutes away. She was asking how we were and I told her it was raining. It wasn't raining where they are but since it's most probable that we got rain first, she had to run and get her laundry which still hung outside. I called her back, and yep, right in the nick of time, she got all the clothes.

So now that we're stuck outside, my little missy decides we should just keep watching the TV. I sit beside her; she snuggles, and then falls asleep. Thank you to the sound of raindrops and cool weather. I wish it would be like this forever.

Let’s see what the weather has in store for us tomorrow. The forecasts are usually wrong but I’m hoping that once again, it rains a bit in the afternoon so we all get a break from the heat, as well as replenish the needed water in our dams. More rain equals better water supply in Manila.

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