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Friday, July 23, 2010

Ever noticed how people take much interest nowadays in everything being eco-friendly? I, for one, never knew that dams can lose so much water and render lots of people waterless. I thought those dams never, ever get to that critical level. So when I blogged about us getting some rain yesterday, getting more water in our dams was one of the few things I was praying for.

I just read the news this morning and my wish came true, well partly true. But it's such good news to everyone. The Angat Dam water level has risen by 70cm which can provide an additional 158 million liters per day to water consumers. Since it's still predicted to rain or drizzle in the coming days, this will surely help more people. I just wish though that more people try not to waste it.

Also, in almost all the supermarkets or groceries I go to, they seem to be selling these eco-friendly bags. Some even have extra freebies if you use them like extra points towards a card membership, etc. I think it's great that we're moving away from using too much plastics. There are times when we really need to use them, but at least there will be less of those that clog up most drainage in the streets.

Another way I can think to help our Earth is to buy wooden toys instead of plastic ones. They're much more kid-friendly (with all the lead and other chemicals reportedly going around) and I love the idea that when the kids grow older, they seem "vintage". I saw some wooden blocks for sale the other day and told hubby about it. He said he had those when he was a kid too. Sad thing is, he doesn't know where they are now. Imagine if they were able to keep it, it would've been an "heirloom" he could pass on to our daughter from 30 years ago.

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