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Friday, July 15, 2011

Little Missy was the one who noticed that there was something wrong with our internet connection. She couldn't connect to her games on my phone so she called my attention. I tried to check my connection and it seemed that everything was working properly. All the lights were lit, and I could access my Yahoo! Messenger and Facebook.

I tried to restart my computer just in case it would help and at first it did. But when I tried to write something to publish for this blog, I just couldn't. I tried during different hours of the day, until late at night or even early morning. I actually thought it was's fault, after all, they've been having hiccups since they changed their "look".

Thankfully, I still had my messenger and facebook so I asked my friends online if they encountered the same problem with Blogger. Aside from the missing GFC widget, they were able to publish posts they said.

The next day, I called up our provider (especially since Little Missy missed her daily story online). They did some remote testing but advised that there weren't any known technical problems in our area. I still had access to facebook and yahoo so I still thought it was Blogger.

This went on until today and after long hours of "hot" debate with my provider. My connection seems to have picked up a bit, but it's still a little sluggish. I'm just glad that I can also access and post in Blogger now.

Did you have any problems with your internet connection this week or with Blogger perhaps?

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