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Saturday, May 21, 2011

It has been a long time since hubby and I talked about our home. Not this house we're living at now, but the home we're planning to build soon, on our own lot. We've had the design for years but we never really got to part to start on it.

I remember that day we got the blueprints. We were so giddy with excitement that as soon as we left the Architect's and Engineer's office, we window shopped for everything we were to use in the house. We chose our dream "things" - bathtub, sofas, dining sets, kitchen counters and tops, everything.

We were newly married then and we had a discussion about everything except for the leather sofa. We both wanted at least one sleek, black, 3-seater leather sofa in the living or reception area. We originally both wanted a corner unit leather sofa but then decided on a single sofa and a lazy boy right beside it. The picture below is basically what we had in mind. (Image from direct.tesco.com)

black leather sofa
I think that idea of the leather basically started us setting themes for the different areas in our soon-to-be home. The living room would be sleek in leather, the kitchen would be stark in steel, and the family room to be well... kid-friendly with lots of bean bags and other little stuff for children to enjoy. Other areas of the house had themes too but we left them open for discussion until the time that we actually build the house already.

Having a child now definitely changes my perspective in things. The themes may still be somewhat the same but our dream "things" may change a bit, except the leather sofa. That we still have to have.

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J Allyssa Sunday, May 22, 2011 2:41:00 PM  

I love the couch :) I want something like that for the house din, or kahit sa room.

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