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Friday, April 1, 2011

I know I was thinking of ways on how to try and "fool" everyone today but I don't feel like it anymore.

Last night my brother was rushed to the ER because of severe pain in his abdomen. Just today my mom was called to her mom's house because my grandmother (who's 87) was having a hard time moving. She was having pain in on her hips and back again probably because of the same pinched nerve that was treated a couple of months ago. I hope she'll be okay and we'll try to drop by her house tomorrow.

What is a pinched nerve? Here's what I found online courtesy of SpineUniverse.com:

A persistent ache in the lower back. Shooting pains down the legs. Muscles so tight you can't even stand up straight. For the more than 65 million Americans who suffer from low back pain every year, the symptoms come in different forms, but the problem is frequently the same: a nerve root near the spine is irritated. "It's actually quite simple," said Robert F. Heary, MD, Neurosurgery Today Spine Editor and a neurosurgeon in New Jersey. "In about 90 percent of all low back pain cases, a nerve that travels from the spinal cord through the bones of the spine gets pinched or irritated, the muscles tense up and the patient experiences low back pain. The solution depends on why the nerve is irritated in the first place."
My mom thinks it may be age that's getting in the way of her complete recovery. I hope not, I hope this new set of medications work and then she'll be back to her old self again really soon.

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Joy Friday, April 01, 2011 3:10:00 PM  

hope and pray for their immediate recovery sis

followed your networked blogs too :)

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Mel Cole Saturday, April 02, 2011 9:08:00 PM  

kawawa naman grandma mo sis. hope she and your bro will get well soon. adgi mode muna ako. :)

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Einna Saturday, April 02, 2011 9:40:00 PM  

I will include your loved ones in my prayers. I hope they get well soon. Stay strong.

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Anonymous,  Sunday, April 03, 2011 10:39:00 PM  

hi i'm visiting via the blogger exchange. the april links are out and i believe my link has an error because of an extra character. if you will ever put up the links on your blog, please edit mine to http://tagadavaoko.blogspot.com thank you so much!

i'm still working of my links though! :)

thanks again :)

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♥♥ Willa ♥♥ Tuesday, April 05, 2011 9:05:00 AM  

Visiting thru The Bloggers Exchange.Thanks for submitting your link and make sure to copy/paste all the links and make a post or page for it.Thanks!

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Anonymous,  Thursday, April 07, 2011 12:47:00 AM  

Hoping and praying for a prompt recovery for your grandmom and bro.

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Simply Dyes Friday, April 08, 2011 6:47:00 PM  

i hope she gets well soon :)

visiting you from TBE :)

Drop by my STREET. Please don't forget to follow me @ GFC & NetworkedBlogs. Thanks very much!

Have a great week!

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Mama Mia Sunday, April 10, 2011 9:37:00 AM  

I hope your grandma gets better soon! I can only imagine how terrible it must be for her! I'm also personally worried for myself for I experience sharp back pains from time to time. :(

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houston carpet cleaners Saturday, April 23, 2011 5:12:00 PM  

Yeah i agree with all of you.The day is marked by the commission of hoaxes and other practical jokes of varying sophistication on friends, family members, enemies, and neighbors, or sending them on fool's errand, the aim of which is to embarrass the gullible.Thanks for nice post.

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