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Friday, January 28, 2011

Since the start of this week, I have been having problems with following other blogs through Google Friend Connect or GFC. Whenever I follow, I'm a nameless shadow meaning it doesn't show my picture/avatar/badge and my name. Because of my frustration, I wrote a blog about it (read Limitations of Google Friend Connect) and realized I'm not the only on experiencing the problem.

I initially thought it was a just a limitation. Since I'm following 598 blogs, I figured that must be it. But I was thinking that I'm sure a lot of other people follow more than I currently have. I quickly logged on to blogger to find help in their support pages and found this thread. This is where I saw that the problem seems to be worldwide. Because a lot of people reported that being a nameless shadow seems to be happening to them too, the problem has been escalated to google. Another thread was created (Problem Rollup) which asks more in-depth questions regarding how you login and follow, as well as ISPs, etc. According to when it was written, they had no idea how the problem started so they need all the details they can get to be able to trace/debug it.

I kind of feel ok now knowing I didn't screw something up, or that I maximized my blog "following" numbers but I sure hope they fix it right away. A friend has found a workaround on how to follow, using OpenID or using the Google Profile instead of the Blogger profile. I used that too for a couple of new blogs I'm following but I'm thinking I'll just wait it out. I just want to make sure that I see the new blogs in my reader and that I won't have any conflict between by Google and Blogger profiles.

So again, to all new bloggers/readers/followers, thanks in advance for following and rest assured, as soon as this is all fixed, I'll follow you right back.

If you're also having problems, hit up the links above so we can all help trace why this is happening.

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