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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's time to unlearn and go back to the basics.

Daddy came home yesterday with what he thinks is a great surprise, a MacBook Pro. I was surprised alright, and although I've been wanting to try one for so long, I've been feeling a bit edgy about it. Why? Read on.

Daddy had it on standby when I opened it. As soon as I lifted the screen, I saw a couple of windows open. I hate that. So... I looked for the minimize, maximize and close icons on the right. It wasn't there. I also couldn't do my regular Alt+tab to see which and how many windows are open. That doesn't work too. It was a good 5 minutes before I realized that the red, yellow, and green buttons on the top left were the icons I was looking for. I left it at that for the night and slept.

The next day (today), Daddy asked if I was enjoying my time with it. I said I still wasn't using it much. Later on in the day though, when Little Missy took a nap, I used it again. I find it more easier to use now and I'm liking that it's portable. I worked beside Little Missy while she was sleeping. I didn't have to go to the PC and turn my back on her. Also, I'm loving the keyboard since they're not too close together. It makes typing a lot better.

I know I still have a lot to learn on how to use it. I just try not to like it too much because after all, I will still go back to my trusted old PC after this Mac has been loaned. I feel a lot different about it now and will continue to save up for it because I personally think it will be a better choice, especially since I have an apple Phone too.

Nowadays, I know it's all about the Apple. The company sets trends and innovations on the latest technology. But for me, it's just not just about joining the hype. It's about what's convenient and efficient, both with use and cost.

Have you ever tried using a Mac? How was your experience with it?

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