Welcome 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011!

I hope this year will be as, if not more, fruitful than the last. I've learned a lot from the past year, and started a lot of new things in my life, one being blogging and earning online. I haven't really shared much about my earnings, my time just doesn't permit me but maybe I can work on a routine this year.

On December 31st, we check in at a hotel to save my mother and grandmother (and now daughter) from the perils of the pollutants caused by the fireworks. Around 5 to 7 years ago, my mother would always have Pneumonia right after New Year's and my grandmother would also have some kind of respiratory malfunction. This year, my grandmother didn't come with us. Her brother was supposed to spend New Year's with them so she let this one pass.

Aside from watching the fireworks outside, we also opened or TV to watch the Fireworks from all over the globe. We saw a lot of beautiful fireworks from the countries of Japan and Taiwan. This actually makes me think that maybe, next year or the year after, we can experience it a little more differently. Maybe we can travel to other countries and experience it first hand, their culture on how they look forward to the coming year, as well as how their Pyrotechnics are created differently from ours.

As early as now, I should start looking into costs for our International Travel Insurance and depending on the country we'd like to visit, also look into their Visitors Health Insurance. It would be amazing if we could all go see it for the first time since none of us has left the country yes.

So now that I'm planning for this, my first resolution for 2011 is to have our passports renewed and apply for new ones for Little Missy and my mother. Also, starting this month, I need to put aside a little of our earnings to go into our travel expenses. December is a very expensive month, with all the gifts to buy and all the things to see around the metro. Since most people have extended breaks during December too, it's just unavoidable to spend more than one normally does from January to November.

So... wish me luck, please? Thank you in advance.

How did you celebrate the New Year's? Did you do what you always do or did you try out something new?

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