Happy Birthday to my not-so-little Bro!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My brother turned 17 yesterday. Tomorrow, January 6th, he would have spent 16 years with us exactly.

Yes, he's a year late. It's because he's special, he's adopted. His mother wasn't ready to care for him at 17 when she gave birth to him 17 years ago. We always thought somehow she'd find her way back to him but she never did. There were a lot of stories of her trying to find him, but for me, they're all stories.

My mother is still staying in the same house where they talked about giving him up. My mother still has the same circle of friends that she can ask on how to get in touch with us. For me, his birth mother just gave up.

Ironic that my brother is now the same age as when his mother gave birth to him. But somehow, my brother is centuries ahead of his time in terms of maturity. We never hid the fact that he's adopted, we didn't even change his name. All these challenges and experiences seems to have made him so strong and mature, but love-wise, ahhh... that's another matter. In that field, he's just the regular 17 year old.

Thank you Bro for the wonderful 16 years you've shared with us. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for accepting us. Always remember that we love you so much, no matter what.

Happy, happy 17th Birthday!!

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