Vacation? Hopefully soon.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A friend and I were chatting earlier and we were discussing about the previous Thanksgiving Sale, Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Sale in the US. It's amazing what these 3 days can do. There were actually a lot of good bargains on the internet if you've saved up specifically for those 3 days.

While we were chatting, we kept on frequenting sites we'd love to go shopping to, whether online or physically, when we do get the chance. But the most creative idea we had was if one of us won the lottery. My friend said if she won, she'd fly us over to the US and take us to all the places one could ever hope to visit in a lifetime. Of course the first thing I asked if she would treat us to Disneyland and Disney World. I need to make that dream come true, if not for me, at least for my little Missy. I know that's pretty expensive so I asked my friend if she'd gladly cover that. When she said how much she could win in the lottery, she can let us go on even 10 trips to all the Disney Resorts around the world.

We then started researching about travel insurance. For someone who's never left her own country, this seems important to me. In this day and age where prices everywhere are sky high, it's better to be prepared. Since it would be our first time in the US too, hopefully, we also looked into visitors health insurance. We've got great insurance coverage for my family over here but I'm sure when I'm in a foreign land, I'd be paranoid about the smallest and mildest sickness.

Oh well, we'd love to make this dream vacay come true. We just need to win the lottery first!

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