Paranoia kicks in

Friday, December 3, 2010

So yesterday my friend and I were chatting about our plans if one of us wins the lottery, right? After that discussion, we went back to find great shopping deals and I found some that I might just buy into but I'd need to discuss shipping from another friend.

My cousin's girlfriend will be going to the US later this month and I wanted to ask her if she could bring home some of the things I wanted to buy for Little Missy. I was so excited when she said yes, that I forgot to ask her if she had visitor medical insurance
from the company she works for. I'm actually a bit alarmed that talks about aH1N1 are resurfacing and even though she'd do me a huge favor in bringing back my goodies, I wanted to make sure she'd be safe. Also, I never thought to ask her if she had flight cancellation insurance. For me it wouldn't matter much, but for someone who frequently travels, I'm sure that would be a big help for her. I guess it's just my motherly nature. I really get paranoid at times about things that might happen and this is one of them. When paranoia kicks in, my imagination just goes wild with everything that could go wrong. The only thing that distracted me was this 4-letter word flashing on my screen... it read "SALE".

Anyway, now that she said yes, I wonder what would stop me from buying things for us that are not available locally. Ah, I remember, the weight limit. I can only have her bring home around 7kgs of stuff or she'd go over her limit. I'm hoping though, that my shopping spree won't reach 4kgs. I'm not that addicted to online shopping yet, just usually when there are great bargains around.

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