Day out!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Road trip! Such a busy day. A lot of things went on today.

We actually had to get up about an hour early to accommodate everything we had to do today. First we went over to a Bazaar near our place. I was supposed to meet one of my college friends to try out their food and blog about it (separate blog post). I met them at the food area and spent some time chit chatting. Most of the time though Little Missy just tried to amaze them. She showed off her singing skills to the tune of Frosty the Snowman, and also showed off her reading skills. My friends were quite amazed at what she can do at 2.

Anyhow, we got our food and headed off to eat our late lunch. More on the food on another post but I have to say, it was yummmmmy. I didn't even notice the other food stalls around because I was too busy feeding the little girl and sneaking a bite or two from my food. When I was almost done, it was when I noticed the other stores and what they were selling.

I can almost imagine the future. Even in these small, seasonal bazaars, I'm sure we'd find carbon dioxide cylinders for food preservation. Since they are gaseous substances though, I hope we could be modern enough to install those disposable gas cylinders. I'm actually quite worried when I see gas tanks when we travel or in hospitals, or whichever area, even if people tell me that those aren't the flammable or explosive types. Oh well, that's me.

After eating, I met up with another friend in the bazaar too who's selling cute children apparel. I actually envy her passion and dedication in selling. I've done some transactions for her and actually know how she handles inquiries and sales and I don't think I can handle that, not at this time. I wanted to stay and chat but we had to go because hubby had a business appointment. I hope I can come back the next day and stay longer so I can chat with her.

We went to Boni High after and stayed at Starbucks while hubby had his meeting. Of course, with a 2-year old, you can never stay put. It was a good thing that there was some kind of "run" going on and she was entertained by the participants doing their stretches and exercises. She kept clapping and cheering on the participants as they showed off their "agility" skills.

It was fun watching my little girl. Hopefully soon we get to participate in those kinds of activity and keep a healthy lifestyle, or at least for her. When we got to the car, she drank her milk and fell asleep in less than 10 minutes. That's how tired she was. She didn't stay asleep for long though. When we stopped by McDonald's to get a burger for dinner, she was wide awake, asking for a burger too (her burger = chicken nuggets).

What a fun and tiring day. But I'm thankful for these days out since I get to spend them with my family. Just seeing their smiles melt my heart.

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