The Bad, The Love, and The Fun

Friday, December 17, 2010

This post is actually about our adventures last Saturday. I forgot to share all about it because I've been fighting with an adware virus (tracker) in my computer for days. Anywho, it's gone now so I feel safe opening up my files again.

The Bad -
Let's start with Friday night. Daddy usually comes home late every Friday because he has to participate in a global call. Friday nights in the PH seems to be the perfect time for all the other countries to join in. Aside from coming home late, hubby called to say he felt the car was overheating. He had to stop at all the gas stations along the way to have the radiator cooled down. He knew something else was wrong because he wasn't actually losing water, the engine just kept heating up.

So he got home around 1am and we both decided that he'll take the car to the car shop early next morning. Why early next morning? Because I was invited to attend my a blogger event at Fun Ranch in Tiendesitas.

Next day came and took the car to the shop. We estimated that maybe it'll take around 3 hours to fix, giving us enough time to attend the event, or maybe even a little bit late. Imagine my surprise when hubby said it'll take 2 weeks to fix the car. There wasn't wrong with the radiator or belts, it was the engine itself.

The Love -
Powerless (and carless), I just told hubby that I'd just cancel. I think he could hear from my voice that it was important to me. He said he was really, really sorry but I knew it wasn't his fault. Our car, Queenie, is 18 years old. She had a right to break down once in awhile.

After 10 minutes, hubby said we're still going. He'll take care of everything to make sure I get to attend the event, even though we're late. After preparing Little Missy, hubby arrived in a taxi. He showered, got our things and made a phone call. Another 10 minutes and another taxi came. He said no matter what, we're going.

The taxi ride wasn't fun. It was Little Missy's first time in a public transport and sad to say she vomited due to byahilo or motion sickness. Throughout the trip I was looking at her to see how she is so she really didn't make a mess. I was prepared for it. We had to stop when she vomited though because she was very fussy. It was the first time I saw her that helpless. When it was all over, she just leaned on me and slowly fell asleep.

We managed to arrive at Fun Ranch but were super duper late. Mommy Lace and the other mommy bloggers weren't even there anymore but Mommy Lace made sure I had my loots, PR kit and ticket when we got there. I told her not to anymore because I was really embarrassed that we arrived so late but I promised her, and my little Missy that we will go no matter what.

I love Daddy for this, for all his effort to make everything materialize. He knew how it was important for me and he made it possible.

More pics, stories and info on our day at Fun Ranch in my next post or click HERE.

The Fun -

As soon as we got to Fun Ranch, we looked for Tita Anna. When she handed us our passes, nothing can stop Little Missy from doing everything and everything. We rode the rides, had fun at the Fun Family Zone and played around. My little girl especially loved that area in the middle with letters that had animal information on them. She read them again and again.

(For more of our Fun Ranch adventure, click HERE)

After Fun Ranch, we had to attend a birthday cum Christmas Party. It was Ate Yosha's 3rd birthday party and as it was a gathering of moms who used to be members of the Baby Central site, it was also our EB/Christmas Party.

We arrived late too but thankfully, Tita Wheng waited for us before she started raffling off some prizes and the exchange of gifts.

What a day. With the bad, the love, and the fun, I couldn't ask for more.

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