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Thursday, July 1, 2010

To President Noynoy: Thumbs up on your speech. I just hope you hold true to your word. Didn't like how ABS was all defensive on how "unexpensive" your Japanese lunch was though. It shouldn't have been much of a big deal if only they didn't keep on repeating that it wasn't the expensive kind. Oh, and I hope you gave some of that Phpxxx,xxx MalacaƱang Mansion cake to those who waited for you from the early dawn of the morning. I'm sure that wasn't part of an unexpensive meal.

Ex-president, now Congresswoman Arroyo: Thumbs up on holding your ground with poise. Perfect epitome of a President who is ready to step down. I just hope those 2 incidents when you didn't accept Noynoy's offered hand to help you up and down the stairs was just because you didn't see it (truthfully). Good luck to Pampanga.

Chief Justice Renato Corona: I applaud you for showing up. You truly show that you are well-bred and educated that even though Noynoy kept bashing your appointment, you were there to support him as President. My hat goes off to you.

To the general Filipino people, regardless of who you voted for, I hope we support the current President. If we don't work together, our country and it's people will never change, and will never prosper. You don't have to like him. We just all need to support him. It's for all of us anyway, and our little children and future grandchildren.

These are just my "tots" on things. Overall, this day turned out to be great. An additional day to bond with my family! Story on how that went, tomorrow :)

Have a good day everyone. Thanks for reading. Registered & Protected

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