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Monday, July 19, 2010

We live in a busy street, a main road that's one-way actually. Hubby and I have been used to the sounds since we've lived here for almost 4 years. However, I heard a peculiar sound last night... a sound that again took me down memory lane.

It was a car with modified exhaust valve. I first found out about them 15 years ago when hubby was still my "friend". I wasn't into cars much but when he offered me a ride home one time, I was amazed. I loved how it sounded. He was a car enthusiast in his younger days so I enjoyed the new experience. Loud cars with loud bass sounds. We'd be able to make any car alarm sound when we passed by.

When he changed cars, he took me with him when he had the exhaust valves modified. He usually went for the Butterfly effect, but the owner of the shop was gracious enough to provide additional exhaust tips. I couldn't remember what the others were but to me, they all sounded cool! I told myself (then), that when I do get my own car, I'd love to have that strong, throaty sound too whenever I pass by.

Now that I have a baby, do you think I'd have a change of heart? Nah.. I'd still love to have that if I had my own car. It's how responsible the driver is, that makes the difference. I learned too that you can control it, so if you're cruising along a quiet village, I don't think it's proper to just rev it up. Privacy should always be respected anywhere. But, if we're off on the highway or on a commercial road, I'd love to show that sound off. Then after we park, people would see me and my baby come out from the car. Sounds cool right? I don't think I've ever seen a woman, and baby for that matter, come out from a monster sounding car. Then again, it's just my fantasy.

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