Lanyards to Necklaces

Friday, June 11, 2010

3 years! Wow, my youngest 3 years have now been working for the World's Largest Bank for 3 years now! I am so happy and proud of her. She has had tough times but she has manages to overcome all of them.

Her work took a toll on her health, having diabetes, high blood pressure and a lot more but her employer has been very considerate in allowing her to constantly work the morning shift (work shifts usually rotate every couple of months). They have been very kind to grant her doctor's advice.

Anyway, I noticed that her lanyard was different. It was a different color and had a different design, more specifically, there were now 3 stars. When I asked her about it, she said that their lanyards signified tenure. A certain year would be represented by a specific lanyard color and the stars represent the year/s of stay with the company. Somehow it was a status symbol.

I think it's very effective when you're in the work place. Newbies will know who to ask if they need assistance just by looking at the lanyards. However, once you leave the workplace, it's a different matter altogether.

I admit, there were times when I used to work that I would forget to remove my ID/lanyard as soon as I step out the office. But this is exactly the reason that I wear one of those generic ones. In our society today, people brand you just by where you work. I have even heard a couple of years back, fights would always ensue almost every day at a known hang out place because of where you work. One company would loudly say that they are better than the other then bang, people fight over it. There was also a time when women got kidnapped at a certain drop off point because the kidnappers would know that they work for a certain company. It's actually not a smear campaign about the company but it was common knowledge that during those times, those that work for that company were teens/yuppies from well-off families.

Which is why I'm very skeptical about my sister's lanyard. I would love for her to one of those nice beaded lanyards that can become fashion accessories at the end of the work day. You just need to tuck your ID or remove the hook at the end and voila, you've got yourself a pretty necklace. As she loves wearing accessories, I think I can sell this idea to her. I've seen a lot of good ones online so I'll go window shopping again and print out those that might interest her.

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