In the line of fire

Saturday, June 12, 2010

In the line of fire, literally. We will be having our family get-together tomorrow since it's a long holiday. I'm so glad that almost everyone can make it, especially my uncle who wanted this reunion. He works for the city Fire Rescue and Response team (or something like that) so he is always on call and yes, always in the line of fire (if you get what I mean).

When he was still living in the south (where we are), he also did the same thing for another city, although he wasn't really a fireman. They were just in charge of Rescue when there were heavy floods, rappelling buildings, etc. Now he's with the Fire and Rescue team.

This summer has been particularly tough for him and his team since there are lots of fire breakouts within the metro. He says it is normal because every year our summer seems to get hotter and hotter. I did ask for advice though regarding the fire extinguishers that I found and even asked him about getting CO2 fire extinguishers. He confirmed that it can indeed be handy for us since we have a lot of electrical equipments in the house. It can certainly minimize damage and save a lot of our gadgets.

Anyway, he does seem to love what he's doing. Ever since I can remember, he has always loved those types of work, those that involve rescuing and being on-call. I believe the first job he had for the city government was as a sort of paramedic in an ambulance. I can't forget that one time, he got home so late and we were all worried. When we got home, he told us the story of how he had to deliver a baby in the ambulance. He ended up being the child's godfather.

Once he was even on the news for rescuing a boy who accidentally fell off a bridge. When he got home, he was telling us how murky and dirty the water was and that he had to give CPR to the poor boy. He was glad he was able to save him. He said at that time that he didn't even notice how dirty or how bad the water smelled.

We're glad he is able to follow his passion. We are so very proud of him. Even though there's a big risk involved, knowing others are safe makes it worth it. Registered & Protected

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