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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Since Monday, my youngest sister Melay has been staying with us. Our youngest brother, and our middle sister will be spending 3 days at the beach with her family and our other relatives. Since no one else will be in the house, I told her she can stay with us.

Melay has been such a big help to me in looking after my little girl. With her in the house, I was able to do lots of chores. My mom helps me out too but since her atopic dermatitis has been acting up due to the change in weather, her hands are literally changing its skin.

Unfortunately, my sister had to go back to work early this morning. I told her that if she can't hail a tricycle at 5am, hubby had agreed to take her to work by car then come back home to prepare himself for work.

When I awoke at 7am, I asked my mom how my sister went to work. She said they were able to hail a trike at around 5:15 to take her to the village entrance. She would then be picked up by an office mate.

What I forgot to tell my mom and my sister was that a few years ago, our neighbor's daughter was held up there, in front of a mini grocery. A man came up from behind and poked a knife at her side and demanded her money. She gave everything she had and came home with a gash. She was very lucky.

This was the time hubby enrolled us in a gym to get fit and hopefully be ready to take some self defense classes. Since I had to commute home sometimes when I used to work, night shift too, he figured at least I would know how to defend myself if needed. Of course, the first thing I'd do is to give everything but if worse comes to worst at least I'd have some martial arts background for a little hope of survival.

With chaos in the world now, learning self defense is a great idea. Unfortunately, I didn't go through with it because I got pregnant (then miscarried) a couple of months after enrollment. But since I remembered this incident, maybe I'd enroll again. I will even invite Melay to learn with me.

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