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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I did a post last March about speaking with an old friend. Last month we tried to chat via yahoo messenger but since she was newly hired by a start-up company, she really couldn't stay and chat. She also went to meetings and had lots of discussions.

Yesterday, she buzzed me and we tried to catch up. This time, she wasn't in any meeting, she was busy with her duties. You see, she's the Country Manager for HR of the new firm, but since it's new, she's also handling the Admin and Finance units. She's somehow in charge of everything, from placing orders for procurement of an ID card printer, sets of ID card and badge holder, etc. to recruitment of their staff and coming up with HR policies.

She's been real busy but I'm so proud of her. There were times when she really had low self-esteem because she couldn't land a job. What destroyed her more was that her private life was also a mess. I am so glad that she's out of it now, both career-wise and personal life, and that she has landed this great opportunity.

Another great news, is that after 4 years (I think), my sister finally has a job too. For a while they were living by my brother-in-law's pay but since their kids are now 7, 6, and 3, with 2 of them attending school already, it just wasn't enough. A head hunter called my sister to let her know that a new company is looking for people with her past experience (credit cards). The head hunter said, she fit the job to a T. When she went to her first interview, she had to take several long mathematical exams. After 4 hours, only 2 out of 40 made it, one being her. She was told that the final interview will be scheduled the week after.

The following week passed and she didn't get any call. She decided to send a text message to her head hunter. The reply, the final interview was being conducted right there and then (about 100 applicants). They forgot to call her! After a lot of apologies, the head hunter said she'll be scheduled the week after, since it was their fault. What surprise that the interviewer/investor, called my sister on her mobile to do the final interview. He was very pleased and asked her questions about credit cards.

My sister then sent a message to the head hunter to let her know that the interview was concluded. The headhunter replied that my sister got the job and she was the first one to be hired. Great huh?

I'm so proud of my sister. I hope she makes it big this time. I hope she realizes that working isn't for fun anymore, that they need it... for their children. She can't job-hop anymore since people, specifically children, depend on her.

To Iya and Tine, good luck on your careers. I wish you success! Congratulations!!! Registered & Protected

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