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Friday, May 28, 2010

My other post got me thinking. Since I will be celebrating my birthday in a couple of weeks, I remembered that it's been 4 years too since I signed up for my insurance! This means I'm eligible for endowment this year (I get a gift every 2 years). Though not much, roughly $1,300, it's enough to help us out with some bills for the month or even for the year. My insurance will also serve as my retirement benefit, since the gift will continue for years.

I am so thankful hubby and I invested on insurance 4 years back. We weren't earning much but we thought it would be a good idea to get one before we turn 30. I'm glad we did.

I'm also happy that his job provides health insurance for both me and my little girl. I know we'll be taken care of if need be. With a little one around, it sure makes parents feel a sense of comfort knowing that their children are covered.

Another thing I'd like to look into is Pet insurance. It's not at very common around here but I know they do offer it in some countries. I'd love to get one for my chocolate labrador, Autumn, who turned 3 last May 16. She was our first "child" and I trained her for some time. My brother now takes care of her since my ex-helper left. It's just impossible to take care of a terrible two toddler and tremendous three lab on my own.

I'm so excited to get my gift notice. Got to watch out for the mailman soon!!

Have a great day everyone! Thanks for reading.

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