Dear PLDT Part 2

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A much needed PLDT Update! But of course I couldn't post this yesterday. I could only open my messenger for about 45 seconds then shut down again for 3 mins, then on 45 secs, shut down 3 mins, and so on. Can you guess I'm still not happy?? But this was towards the end of the day, let's not jump to that just yet.

April 5th 2010

  • 10:30am During my first call to PLDT (please refer to my previous post HERE for some transcript), my attempts to be transferred to a supervisor proved futile.
  • 11:51am Supervisor JS called me let me know that my internet connection report has been escalated to the local field supervisor for physical checking, AND my report regarding the Customer Service Rep (CSR) EP is under investigation. She promised to listen to the recorded investigation and was also advised by EP that I MAY be filing a complaint.
  • 4:45pm Supervisor JS called again to update but I wasn't able to take the call. I was busy feeding my little princess.
  • 8:00pm Called PLDT to let them know that my connection was still intermittent. Spoke with a very courteous Jas. She told me that Supervisor JS was calling earlier to ask my availability the next day in case the PLDT repair man needs to come over to check the connection in our house. I told her I am making tomorrow free for them so they can finally fix this. She will relay to Supervisor JS and will also request for remote line testing again to try and pick up the service.
April 6th 2010
  • 10:00am Supervisor JS called to let me know that the connection report is being handled by the local business area. They might come over the check the PLDT "box" nearby. She also informed me that she already heard the recording. She confirmed the following:
  1. CSR EP was way out of line when he answered "Hindi! Meron pang ibang tests!" (No! There are other tests!) Supervisor JS confirmed that the intonation was indeed wrong.
  2. Supervisor JS also confirmed that she DID hear CSR EP breathe a sigh of frustration towards the end of the call, which is when I really lost all traces of my sanity. She even told me that she heard him deny it when I asked him "Did you just breathe on the phone's mic?? (as a sign of frustration?)
  3. My complaint is being handled by the the team leaders and coaches. As of this phone call, she informed me that CSR EP already had 1 coaching session and is being monitored closely.
  • 1:12pm Mr. Joe A. called me from within my area to ask if my internet is working properly. The light, proving successful connection, was stable but he still told me to monitor in case I still get intermittent connection. I felt he was way older than me, but he was very, very courteous.
  • 2:00pm - 10:40pm Intermittent connection. I can't even load a page! Called PLDT again to let them know that the problem has not been resolved. CSR Joel will request forward request again and order remote line testing.
Let's see how all this goes down today, April 7th.

Incidentally, we do have a tentative scheduled brownout which MAY start between 12nn and 1pm and last for 2 hours. Meralco (CSR Bianca) said that it is tentative because if the power can be supplied, then our schedule can be "waived".

Have a good one everyone! I hope our day goes well too. Please wish us luck *wink

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    nicquee Wednesday, April 07, 2010 1:17:00 PM  

    Oh no! Pinapa request ko pa naman na kay Mon to have our destiny internet connection terminated and have it replaced by PLDT because:

    1. Destiny has a very very very very poor service.
    2. I believe PLDT offers better speed. With destiny, sometimes my download rate is only 25kbps. :(

    I'm torn.

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    Witchmagick Thursday, April 08, 2010 12:34:00 AM  

    Wishing you much luck, sweetie! Nice to hear that they are attending to your issue right away...I think the complaint about the rep. helped.

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    Jade aka MommaWannabe Thursday, April 08, 2010 9:34:00 AM  

    Hi dear, I am fine thanks. To join the BC Bloggers, you can read about it here

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