Old friends, good times.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I chanced upon an old friend yesterday through my yahoo messenger. Haven't seen her in 2 years! The last we chatted/texted was when she organized my supposed baby shower!

Glad to know she's back on her feet. I know she's had rough times for years but I'm so happy with what's going in her life right now. I hope it works well for you... and thanks for giving me a chance to earn from home. I'm seriously excited!

Now I remember the fun times. We'd work really hard and after a long day, just pig out, smoke and drink some (iced tea for me). I remember passing funny notes during serious meetings. I remember her teaching me how to put make up on (I still never do, btw). I remember a lot of things, but those were the days.

It's fun to reminisce sometimes. I don't often do that, I hate looking back. But sometimes, it enough to put a smile to your face and start the day right.

Good morning!

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