Mom's retreat!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Nope, not my retreat, my mom!

Honestly, despite what my sisters say, I'm happy she's going to this retreat or pilgrimage as they call it. Since it next week is holy week next, their church sponsored a "pilgrimage". I don't exactly know the details but from what she told me, it's like their version of Visita Iglesia.

Visita Iglesia is done during Holy Thursdays. As a family, we visit a number of churches in the area and say parts of the rosary and a couple of Stations of the Cross until the last church where we finish them both. It is then followed by Litanies and other prayers.

As a child, I remember visiting 7 churches. That would make 2 stations per church. When I got married, my husband remembers going to 14 churches, so that a station per church. It didn't really matter, it was family time. We spend a total of (maybe) 4 hours doing this, (drive, stop, go down, pray, drive, stop, go down, pray...) and we all look forward to the time it's done because we get to eat somewhere as a family!

Next Thursday is Maundy Thursday. I hope we all get to this again this year. If we do... I'll update this post with pictures!!

Have a great week everyone!

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