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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A couple of months back hubby decided to have one of his molars removed because it was getting too uncomfortable. At around that time, I too was having some pain with my tooth but as always, I decided to just have it filled because of my fear of pain. Hubby kept on insisting for me to just have it extracted but I had an excuse handy. I told him and the dentist that we couldn't BOTH have teeth extracted because no one would be able to carry little Missy.

Three weeks ago (about 2 months since then), my tooth started to hurt again but this time the pain was so intense that I took at most 2 pain killers per day for 3 days. I don't normally take meds now so that was a big deal for me. Hubby saw this opportunity to convince me to have the tooth extracted as soon as the swelling goes away.

I don't know why I'm afraid of the dentist again. When I was pregnant and had some toothache, my OB-GYNE told me to have the teeth extracted instead of filled because of the chemicals. Because I would do anything for my little girl (in my tummy then), I had 3 teeth pulled all at the same time and to this day, I honestly can't remember the pain I went through. It all seemed like a breeze that I felt I could handle another tooth extraction.

Today, Tuesday at 5pm, we went to the dentist. I reminded him about my tolerance for pain so this was what happened.

  • 5:15 - 5:16 Application of topical anesthesia
  • 5:16 - 5:18 Anesthesia through injection (painless)
  • 5:18 - 5:19 Dentist tried to move the tooth away from the other teeth by prying it with a flat-tipped instrument.
  • 5:19 - 5:20 Dentist gripped the tooth with the plier-thing and explained while explaining how the pain would feel, that it would be from the pressure of pulling and not the actual pain. Tooth was extracted and it was really painless.
Honest. I felt him grip the tooth and he said it was the tightest he could grip it. Then he said he was just slowly trying to twist it a bit to loosen it up, I felt him pull and ta-da, the tooth was out.

I couldn't help but tell him that he was simply the best as soon as I saw something red and white on the pliers. He then showed me the tooth to let me know that he got all the roots and after a few minutes (paying and getting my prescription for antibiotics) we were off to the nearest store to buy me some ice cream.

At around 7pm though I started to feel the pain so I slept it off after I drank the pain reliever. I felt crying because of the pain but felt relieved at the same time that this would probably be the last tooth-related pain I would feel for a long time (I hope). And yes, I was able to eat soft pizza for dinner, yum yum!

Thank you so much Dr. Paulino!

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