Just 2 more months!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Just 2 more months and it's my little missy's 2nd birthday! Time flies sooooo fast!

Since I'm still in the planning stage of what were going to do then, I excited about something I saw online. Their souvenirs were like bag tags printed on ID cards. Picture on the ID card and a short thank you note on the badge holder. I think it's awesome.

If I could find a cheap portable ID printer and badge printer that I can rent for that day, I think I'm liking the idea. The picture on the card would be my daughter and the guest (you wouldn't want to use it as bag tag or bookmark if the picture was somebody else right?), taken on the day itself, and our short thank you note at the back of the badge. Don't you think it's neat?

I'm liking the idea because of the following factors:
  1. It's personalized, whoever is there on THAT day gets to have one.
  2. I don't need to buy so many pieces and then have a lot of leftovers. I don't think I can use that again for her next birthday.
  3. I don't want to buy a lot of pieces before hand because her birthday falls during typhoon season. Last year, I had to postpone her birthday 3x because of the super typhoons.
Sounds good? Now I have to find resources for this. I have no idea if there are ID and badge printers for rent but it's worth a shot. The only thing I might have leftovers of at the end of the event are the unused ID cards. I guess I have to find myself a good deal, probably on consignment if I can so I can return the extra ones.

Aside from being unique, I somehow think it's also economical.

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