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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Although summer is over, I finally had the chance to check on the fire extinguishers. I figured, I still want to make sure all of them are ready just in case. With the onset of the typhoon season, a lot of power outages will occur, therefore also posing a risk of electrical problems.

Also, I'm giving 1 each to my mom (remember my post? I had 4 that I didn't know of) and 1 to hubby's aunt. It will be pretty good knowing at least they're also safe should something happen.

I remember when I was a kid, we had those in our house too. My father made sure we were kept safe and secure. It's when I grew up that I didn't notice it anymore. Maybe because when he passed away, we never really followed through. My mom probably just threw them away when she saw they were expired. I only remember seeing fire extinguishers at work, next to those rolled up hoses, hammers and hard hats.

When I was still working in 2006, one of my friends was with the Admin department. Since she was part of the Emergency Response Team, they were require to attend an orientation-cum-training of sorts on how to handle emergency "gadgets". They were taught how to use the fire extinguishers. Now that I think of it, if something happened while at work, we would have had to look for someone who was trained to be able to use it. Granted that there are instructions on the tag, but who has time to read through all that when faced with fire? They should have cascaded the training to most of the employees so that we could have all been prepared.

Makes me think now, I should try out one of those that we have here once they're checked and refilled. I need to make sure that I and my future helper would be equipped to handle that situation if needed.

You think I can handle it??

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