Long Holiday

Monday, June 7, 2010

Just found out that we're having another long holiday. Since June 12th falls on a Saturday, the President has announced that Monday, June 14th is a special holiday to commemorate Independence Day.

I'm so happy because it will be another 3 days of bonding time with my family. How I wish we lived in Orlando, FL and grab one of those Disney World packages. It would be awesome if we had one of those annual passes that we can use and just go in every day that we could. Oh well...

Hubby has a scheduled outing for Saturday. It's a work thing so he has to go. He's just trying to make up his mind if we should go with him or not. Aside from extra fees for me, he's not comfortable driving the car that far (approx 4-hr drive). Last week, his a/c was busted. He had to have it repaired because after 1 day of going without a/c, he simply couldn't handle it. Our temperatures reach up to 37C (about 98.6F) and he was simply exhausted when he got home. Good thing it didn't rain otherwise he would have had to close his windows with no air on inside. But with the windows on, he could feel the heat of the other vehicle's engine when he would get stuck in traffic. I felt so sorry for him but good thing he only had to go through it for 1 day.

This week, the car overheated three times on his way home. He made sure he filled the radiator with water before he left the house, filled it again when he almost overheated the first time, filled it again the 2nd time he overheated and filled it again the third time. Good thing I always nagged him about bringing 2 5-gallon containers of water. The next day, he had it fixed and it cost us again. Dang all these car expenses.

Now do you understand why he's hesitant to drive the car to this outing? I do, but it would be more difficult to have a toddler in a bus full of people she doesn't know on a 4-hr drive, right? I'm thinking maybe we'll (me and my little tot) will just sit this one out.

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