Digitized IDs and you

Sunday, June 20, 2010

How long have you had your government-issued digitized ID/s? Does the picture still look like you? Or maybe human at all?

A couple of years back, a lot of institutions required at least 2 government-issued digitized IDs when applying for loans and other services. That became a problem for me when I was applying for my maternity benefit from SSS (Social Security System) since I only had a digitized Driver's License. So just to comply, even though I looked horrible during the last month of my pregnancy, I applied (yes, that included waiting in long queues) for an SSS digitized ID. Imagine my big face (especially the nose) plastered on the screen for everyone to see. It's been two years now and I'm still haunted by that picture. Good thing my pregnancy was the best thing so far that happened in my life that I don't curse that picture to death.

It's an entirely different matter for my husband though. My husband mainly uses his Driver's License and company ID as proof of identification when applying or redeeming things. Although both are valid IDs, the problem is that you can barely identify him through the picture. His Driver's License is the worst of the two because the picture is actually now glued to the plastic case. If he even tries to remove the card itself, to say photocopy, he loses his face.

A Driver's License is something you bring with you everywhere you go, especially if you drive your own vehicle. For most people, specifically men, it's tucked away in their wallets. These IDs should be designed for natural wear and tear. If you sit on your bum long enough, the jeans get sweaty so sometimes your wallet becomes "steamy". Aside from this, if you're like my hubby who absolutely loves to run through the rain to get the car without an umbrella, it's another cause for his jeans pockets/wallet to get a bit wet.

It was the frequent wet/dry, hot and steamy situations that put his bum to the test. This is probably the the cause why his picture stuck to the plastic case. I know, it's funny to think about it really, but I assure you it's not when you can't redeem or when you're asked to produce more IDs to prove that the name and the person on the picture are one and the same.

My wish is that, government companies invest on a good, high quality ID printer and card. If these are the cards that are required for almost everything then they should be able to endure the natural wear and tear that comes with using/bringing it everyday.

Good thing Driver's Licenses are renewed every couple of years. Imagine if it was good for all eternity and people can't even recognize you as a human being!

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