Red Ribbon Cake - Chocolate Creme Roll

Sunday, May 23, 2010

This is not a sponsored post. This is merely my personal opinion and experience regarding Red Ribbon's service and their Chocolate Creme Roll.

I decided to bring a cake or roll for my nephew since it's his birthday. Together with some of our relatives, we will be going to their (my mom's) house later and bring potluck. My sister said she will be having spaghetti ready at around 6pm. My cousin, who is his god-father, will be bringing Roasted Chicken and my grandmother will be bringing the juice.

I decided to call both Goldilocks and Red Ribbon Bakeshop. In the end, I opted for a Chocolate Creme Roll from Red Ribbon. The girl on the phone said it was one of their new products. Besides, you only had to order a minimum of P250 ($5.40) for delivery versus P300 ($6.50) for Goldilocks, which would mean a roll and something else. I placed the order at 11am and scheduled it to be delivered at 2pm since we would be leaving at around 3pm.

So 2pm came and went. By 3pm, I was on the phone twice, once with a Red Ribbon customer service rep and the second time with a supervisor. They had no idea what happened to the order and the supervisor assured me that she will contact the branch manager ASP. By 3:11pm, I got a call from the branch. They informed me that the rider had an accident. His motorcycle was hit by a jeep.

They apologized for the delay and also let me know that the roll I ordered was the last one, thereby meaning it was ruined. They offered me 2 half rolls, a discount and waived delivery fee. It was around 4pm then when I got the rolls.

As a customer, I was very frustrated and disappointed (before knowing what happened to the rider). What if I ordered a really big cake for a grand party? But I also told the manager that knowing the story behind the incident, I also feel for the rider. I even asked how he was and if they already took him to the hospital to be checked. I also thanked them for the discount.

Anyway, about the cake, we loved it! It wasn't too sweet but very chocolatey. I love the chocolate fudge in the middle as much as the choco cream covering the whole thing. The cake itself was very soft too. We will definitely order it again. It's only P150 ($3) for half a roll. Registered & Protected

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