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Monday, May 24, 2010

To sign or not to sign up for a birthday registry, that is the question.

I'm debating whether or not to sign up for a registry for my little one's 2nd birthday. It's not that I'm choosy about the gifts that she should receive. I actually like them all, whether it be kids toys, dresses, footwear, books or personal stuff. I'm just concerned that some of the toys she may receive may no longer be fit for her.

In clothes for example, she wears 3T... and she's not even 2 yet. Her shoes could almost fit her cousin who turned 3 a couple of months back. I know some people would say I'm just probably biased in saying my daughter is a big kid. Almost all parents are anyway when it comes to their children. I just don't want people to get offended when they don't see my daughter wearing or using their gifts because they don't fit her anymore.

I would love for her to receive a lot of educational kids toys. I do believe that ages 1-4 are the best time to teach them. They literally absorb everything like a sponge. As of the moment, she can read most of her books already and surprised us a couple of weeks back by spelling some 3 letter words! I got a knack at letting her spell cow earlier. She looks up as if thinking and says, "C..O..Wa". That made me realize that how she spells isn't because she memorized the words. When I ask her what letter is W, she does say double-u. This is another reason why I'm thinking having a registry is an advantage. At least I'd get to put in toys that I get a feeling she'll love.

The thing with registries, lots of people think that you only list the expensive ones. When I signed up for my bridal shower registry, I had stuff in there for about $1 or so. Sure there were expensive ones, but I didn't expect people to buy it. I signed them up so that if ever we'll buy it, we get an additional discount. Out of all the people who attended the shower, only 2 got from my registry. It wasn't after I opened all the gifts that I realized that the other gifts were way more expensive than those I chose. From that time on, I made sure, that when I was invited to an event and the celebrant signed up for a registry, I check that out first. I may end up saving a lot and buying something I know they'll love.

So given that only a few actually check out registry lists, do you think it's still a good idea to sign up for one? Registered & Protected

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