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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It was my Aunt's birthday yesterday, April 13th. She turned sweet sixtyn two (technically).

Ever since I can remember, we usually spend our birthdays with family. It doesn't have to be a party. Usually it was a no-frills get-together, with just everyone eating a simple meal, preferrably with pancit (noodles) for long life.

Another Aunt wanted the so-called "gathering" yesterday at a mall. The purpose? To avoid the scorching heat. Since most malls run their air-condition units on high during summer, she decided that it will be more relaxing to pass the time there. (She doesn't have access to the internet, or keep up with the latest health news, but her idea proves to be a prevention guide from the CDC for Extreme Heat).

Moving on, the attendees were supposed to be:

  • my Lola, 86 (Grandmother)
  • Birthday Aunt, 62
  • Sponsor Aunt, 55 (will sponsor the food and cake for everyone)
  • Aunt 1, 53
  • My youngest sister, 28
  • My mom, 58
  • Me and my little princess, 3? and 18months
  • My sister and her kids, 3?, 6, 5, 3
I said supposed because the last 3 bullets above couldn't go due to different reasons. I also included the ages to emphasize how perfect the CDC's tip was.

Sponsor Aunt said they still tried to just "chill" but she and Aunt 1 noticed that Birthday Aunt didn't look too happy. They decided to just spend the rest of the hot afternoon there and then, as a surprise, bring some of the food to my mom's house. My sisters live with my mom so all the kids would be there. They figured Birthday Aunt was missing the kids. Birthday Aunt is like a surrogate mom for all of us. Being unmarried, she has, at least once in her lifetime, personally cared for all of us. Sponsor Aunt also called me to ask if I'd be willing to go to my mom's because they also want my little princess to be there. I said we'd go, to make everything complete. After all, Birthday Aunt is also my Ninang (my Godmother at birth, confirmation and wedding).

When we got there, we started eating while the kids scampered off to play. Sponsored Aunt looked at me, to tell me that finally, Birthday Aunt was happy on her special day.

I know this post might be confusing because of all the names and may be shallow for some. But this makes me realize how something simple, as the presence of children,can define one person's happiness. I am truly touched. I am truly lucky to have my (big) family.

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Witchmagick Thursday, April 15, 2010 6:02:00 AM  

No offense intended, but at your bday Aunt's age, children can be a source of joy and contentment. Having family around, a simple meal, children playing nearby, all sources of joy! I'm glad you guys had a wonderful time and your names were by no means confusing. In fact it was easier to keep track of who you were talking about rather than having to scroll up to see who Aunt Matilda was, LOL! Luvz, Momma! Muah!

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