Maxyn's 1st birthday at Shakey's and a meeting of friends

Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 11th was like a field trip for us. We were invited to attend Maxyn's 1st birthday party at Quezon City, so we decided to leave a bit early to make sure we make it to at most an hour after the party started (yes, we were anticipating a bit of traffic, after all we're coming from the other side of the metro).

Sad to say, we didn't make it to the first hour of the party. If memory serves me right, we got there about 30 minutes or an hour before the party was scheduled to end! I swear, travelling from the south to Quezon City is NOT an easy task. We even had our online maps handy to help us navigate but traffic was horrible... EVERYWHERE.

Good thing we still enjoyed our travel just because it was still a family affair. I guess that's our motto, that all is well as long as we're doing it as a family. The heavy traffic became a bonding moment for us, we picked up words from license plates, read out numbers and addresses, watched out for planes and birds, and a lot of other spontaneous activities. Having a little toddler definitely changed a lot. Now every trip is just like a field trip.

When hubby and I used to get stuck in traffic when we were in college, we'd both be almost mad as hell because we'd both be hungry and just wanted to go home, but this time, we treasure being stuck in traffic (as long as we have food and water) because we get to do things with the little Missy.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the party (I guess not much since it was almost the end when we got there), and pics of the lovely blogger moms from PMC - Nicquee (Maxyn's mom) Joy, Pehpot and Fedhz (check out their blogs, links below the pic) and old-time friends from our BC family - Nicquee, Glenda and Wheng.

Oh and although there were some altercations with Shakey's and the celebrant's parents, I liked that they had a kiddie area for the kids to play at. Though I'd love to say I would like to come back and visit them again, I don't think we would, unless it were on the way to somewhere we needed to go to.

Check out some of the pics:

Happy birthday Maxyn^^Happy birthday Maxyn! We love you!
In the photo: Mommy Nicquee, Maxyn, Ate Ayex, Daddy Mon and the Clown

(above) PMC Moms: Joy, Kat, Nicquee, Pehpot and Fedhz
Pic courtesy of Joy's hubby John. :) Thanks!

(above) BC Moms: Nicquee, Kat, Glenda and Wheng

(above) Daddy and Little Missy shooting some hoops at the play area

(above) One of little Missy's favorite mannerisms at the moment, pucker up!

(above) My favorite Shakey's Delivery girl

(above) She got a strike on her second try

(above) I guess she has a knack for bowling

See how much fun we had? Hope you had fun during your weekend too!

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nicquee Monday, June 27, 2011 6:01:00 PM  

Nauna ka pa nga mag post kaysa sa akin eh! LOL

Like what we said, we really appreciate your effort of going to Maxyn's party despite the venue being on the other side of the Metro. :D

Let's see each other again soon.

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The Pepperrific Life Friday, July 01, 2011 12:18:00 PM  

Looks like fun. Fedhz told me about this party..hehe... where in the south are you exactly from, anyway? If only for the kids, we moms bridge the distance just to make them happy :)

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