Baby you can drive my car

Friday, October 29, 2010

Little Missy is now interested in driving or at driving. Whenever we get in the car, she always tells her Daddy where to go, or which way to turn (left, right or straight). Daddy and I have so much fun when she does this, because we're amazed at how she remembers the directions to places we regularly go to... AND voice them out.

Today, we headed to Market! Market. We had a quick lunch at Pancake House. It's been quite some time that we've last eaten there, I think way back when I was pregnant. I was surprised that they now have a menu for kids.

Being the kid that she was, she was intrigued by the multitude of colors (m&m's) so this is what she ordered.

I must say, I missed their pancakes. She only finished 1 piece so Daddy and ate a piece each too.

After lunch, Daddy was supposed to do some transactions in BDO but the line was overwhelming! We forgot that most people had their paychecks that day too. Since little Missy already saw what was inevitable, we let her have her way this time.

^^See the line to the ATM?

After this experience, Daddy and I both agreed, no driving for minors still! :)

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Anonymous,  Thursday, November 04, 2010 7:53:00 PM  

cute car... :D

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