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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Are you in favor of enrolling your child or a loved on in a military school?

My youngest brother is in his last year of high school and told us that he's interested in enrolling in a military school for college. These are his reasons:

Why be a PMA Cadet?
  • The rare privilege to serve the Country
  • A well rounded education: Academics, Leadership, Teamwork, and Physical Fitness for FREE!!!
  • Receive salary and allowances while studying
  • Guaranteed job after graduation
  • Progressive career as an officer in the ARMY, NAVY or AIRFORCE

Hmmm this really got me thinking. My husband, who had always dreamed to wear an Alpha White uniform is of course, in favor. I, as a sister and woman (is) was against it. It's because I've heard rumors that hazing is involved during the first year and that there have been a few casualties. My brother is asthmatic, but lately he hasn't had an attack. He has been very active with basketball lately so I'm guessing his body has somehow adjusted to his lifestyle.

Still, after hearing the boys the boys talk about why they're in favor, I'm now thinking twice about my decision to not let him. If the only reason I'm against it is because I'm scared of the hazing part, then maybe I can convince my mother to have him take some self defense class. I know they're not allowed to "fight back" during initiation but if worse comes to worst, then at least he'd be equipped to defend himself. Also, since taking a class would also educate him about which parts of the body should or should not take a hit, he can assess the damage to his own body when the time comes.

You see, it's a great idea really, except for the hazing part. And since he can choose which branch of the military to serve, at least I'm at peace with myself knowing that he won't be thrown to Basilan or somewhere else where there are active Abu Sayyafs as soon as he graduates. I can always have him enlist with the Navy since he loves the water lol.

But at this point in time, I'm still not 100% convinced. I may be at 70% but I'm thinking that's good enough. After all, the main reason for him to do this is to help our mother out. He doesn't want her to burden all the expenses, plus he wants to be able to give back. With an allowance and salary while studying, he can hardly resist.

So... now are you in favor too? Registered & Protected

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