Smoking regrets?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I always look forward to Sunday. We always set aside Sunday for Church, then to stay over at my Lola's house. She turned sweet 16 (+70) last February but maaaan... she still rocks!! A lot of people actually don't believe she's that young. She still moves around as if she's just in her 60s. Hubby and I decided that we want to make a habit of this, of one day in a day spent with her. After all, she's the only immediate "grandparent" my daughter has left.

So our usual routine starts out with picking up my mom and sister, attending the 10:30am mass, then buy some "to-go" food to contribute for lunch at my Lola's. This time, before we even left the house, I decided to bring some left over bicol express and ginataang puso ng saging (vegetables in coconut cream).

Usually only 5 of us invade her "domain"; me, hubby, little miss prissy, my mom and my youngest sister (if her day off is scheduled on Sundays). What's so different with last Sunday was my other sister's family and my only brother also decided to spend Sunday with us. I know it isn't unusual but we rarely get those moments except if there's a celebration. They also brought food to share! Now that's one happy, family lunch!!!!

After I settled my little one for her afternoon nap, the family decided to play mahjong. Mahjong, for us, is a family game. We can spend hours and hours playing it. While we were preparing our "walls", my sister lights a ciggy, looks at me and asks "You really haven't had a smoke since you got pregnant, have you? Don't you miss it?" I answered, "Nope, never craved for it since."

It was then that it dawned on me that it was indeed a big change in my life. I pretended it wasn't such a big deal as we began playing the game deep inside I kinda felt weird. I was so proud of myself but refrained from showing it. Now I know why... It was an "inner victory".

With regard to my daughter, I do not choose my battles, I just win them all.

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Anonymous,  Thursday, March 18, 2010 4:25:00 PM  

LOL! Love that sweet 16 (+70), so cute :o) I hope I'm that mobile and awesome!!

L & L

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